Wedding timelines helped me to help my clients better. Cultures may impact in the way weddings unravel, but it doesn’t matter if you are a wedding photographer in Los Angeles or any other part of the world, every wedding in the world has a particular order of occurrence. Perfect weddings are the result of many passionate people getting involved to deliver the best experience in the world to the bride, the groom, and all the guests in the event. The larger the number of guests, the more complex and interesting things tend to be. Wedding planners have developed a simple yet powerful tool to keep everything under control. This tool called the Wedding Timeline, and it is the result of many meetings with not just the bride and groom but also with the related family and friends, and also the vendors of the event. From hairstylists to the minister, from the cake to the wedding photographers, everything has to be included in the plan.

As a professional wedding photographer in Los Angeles, I have joined ventured with many wedding planners to stick myself and my crew to the wedding timeline. It has been one of the wisest moves in my career, and I have been able to see some stuff around this peculiar dynamic. It is absolutely important to have a well-intended involvement from the hosts with the wedding planner. There are many wonderful ideas in the air at the moment of planning or even creating the concept of the entire wedding, and having good communication is key for any wedding’s success.

Having a wedding Timeline with us prior to any wedding has been an extremely valuable asset for doing the thing we love, capturing beautiful moments at your weddings. These little agenda styled lists or timelines are helpful because they help us in getting everything organized and ready before all the important moments that happen at every wedding. Since my very first years in this business, I have been close to all the wedding planners in order to know the things that will happen. Thanks to this working logic, I have been able to become considerably experienced at a very fast pace. The beautiful thing about Timelines is that risk of failure gets minimized because working at weddings should not be driven by improvisation. Time is valuable, and I know it for sure, but when it comes to weddings, time management gets a completely whole new level of importance. Getting ahead of every moment is a thrilling clockwork maneuver, and we love it.


Details (rings, dress, shoes, flowers, etc.)

caligraphy for wedding invitations


As the lead photographer, I work with details. They give the story to be delivered a rich context that all clients love.


Getting Ready

This is the perfect moment for documenting all the dynamics of getting ready. The final touches of makeup and hair are happening, and it has been an important part of our wedding documentation approach. Candid images are easy to achieve at this stage of the wedding day. Working with a crew has been a healthy strategy because I can center on the bride, while another photographer from my crew can work with the groom. This part could take us about one hour of the whole wedding time.




BBride portait in Joshua Tree

Just before the frantic moments of the wedding happen, we focus on getting some portraits of Bride and Groom at their own spaces. Sometimes there is even plenty of time to work some portraits of close family and friends. Depending on the rush of the things (and the wedding’s schedule) this task could be done in 15 to 30 minutes, ideally is to have one hour available.




Los Angeles River Center & Gardens wedding reception

I love to treat venues as a character of their own. If I’m not able to capture it because I’m working on the getting ready part, another photographer from the crew with a keen eye for architecture aesthetics will work on it. Why working it simultaneously? Because things happen so fast and is more pleasant to have images of the venue without the crowds, after all, there is a reason why the venue was chosen.


Ceremonies and Wedding Parties


LGBT fun wedding party in Manhatan beach_.jpg

Ceremonies tend to last for about 30 minutes in traditional western culture and more than 1 hour in other eastern traditions and have many moments that require my both eyes open. Wedding parties, on the other hand, give me some freedom as a photographer because everything turns wild. While working at the party, I try to blend in with the crowd to capture not just the immediate family but also the extended family and friends. I love doing this part absolutely candidly.
As a wedding photographer in Los Angeles told me once, the more quality time somebody spends on planning the wedding, the more control will have all the involved hands. The best advice I can give to anybody is to help the wedding planners in doing their job and ask us to help you with your wedding timeline, we are happy to help.

Wedding Timelines will make your life easier for sure.

Attila Iuhasz is a professional wedding photographer in Los Angeles with expertise in capturing your wedding day moments, creating unique bridal and couple portraits.




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