‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain’ – Vivian Greene

I have to start by sending a special shout out to Brenner who’s willingness to openly express his feelings of appreciation about getting to marry the love of his life was especially endearing during their wedding – and of course, reciprocated by his lovely bride. This is a couple deeply in love with each other and not afraid to show it, as you will see from the many emotions and tears of joy reflected at various moments during the day.

Hundreds of twinkling lights, which mirrored the joy and the lightheartedness of the occasion perfectly, illuminated the charming garden-like setting at the Lavender Bistro. This beautiful private restaurant rounded up the evening’s atmosphere by serving delicious organic Californian cuisine paired with delightful wines and cocktails.

A big group of friends accompanied this romantic couple and their pursuit of a fun-filled event – and the ultimate test was to have a blast despite the unexpected dessert sandstorm that day – which they passed with honors! Everyone embraced the wind, made it part of their celebration and went ahead to have the best-windy time and create remarkable treasured memories.

Congratulations Bria + Brenner, enjoy the best of life together!


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