Photography is subjective by simply being a visual art. In other words, it is based on your perception rather than judgments from other peoples perspective. Photography is a broad field of venture; it is an intricate form of art that requires complete precision in all its facets. The area of photography you specialize in does not matter, whether it’s wedding photography, fashion photography or other, you need to be creative, attentive and skilled to enable you to get the best of it.

There have been discussions as to whether photography is subjective or objective. The inherent subjectivity of photography is the means through which you express your emotion, thoughts, and creativity. Photography is not about the thing photographed which objective photography is all about (the technical aspects and the shot) rather it is about how that thing looks photographed. It will include the photographer’s idea on the picture, poses, and scene as well as other personal creative interpretations.

People’s perception of picture varies because no two individuals look at a thing the same way. A picture might be subjective based on the photographer’s view while a viewer might see at it from the objective angle (based on tone, color, etc.)

Since photography is mostly based on the photographer’s intent, it is important to know what to look for when choosing the right photographer.

Choosing the right photographer, you need to know the following:

Detail Oriented 

A huge part of excellent photography is the ability to focus on all details, the tiny ones as well as the big picture. This means sparing no attention to details when it is necessary and having the knowledge of when to edit those tiny details out when they are becoming so-called distractive elements or simply compose the picture without any distractive elements. Talking about good editing skills, this is usually the preference of the photographer and has a big influence on the so-called style of photographer. There are so many styles out there: soft or airy, vibrant, bold, dramatic, elegant with a focus on highlights, photojournalistic with a focus on detail and composition, etc. No matter the style, editing will reinforce the message the photographer intended to communicate.

Wedding destination in Cancun Mexico, photography is subjective


The right photographer must have good interpersonal skills and the right experience; ensure you don’t contract your photography out to a rookie, you simply want the best your money can hire.

It’s important to understand that taking pictures, getting the composition that works, taking pictures correctly focused, all this under the pressure of an important day requires experience, many hours behind the camera. It’s usually a good combination of talent and technical training.


Finally, the right photographer should be easy to work with, capturing your event in a posed but relaxed manner to bring out your true personality. A good photographer will help you relax by keeping the mood light and fun, reminding you to take a deep breath and relax, to smile and enjoy the experience.

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Your wedding day is truly a special day and your photographs are the timeless memento of this once in a lifetime joy. It is difficult for any couple to choose an ideal wedding photographer for their wedding day. A lot of people do extensive research before choosing a photographer because they specialize in a number of different styles. They also offer various levels of service based on price. However, it takes careful thought and consideration about what kind of pictures you need and how you want your wedding day captured.

Photography is subjective but people still expect a photographer to execute and reproduce something that doesn’t represent what they are. From here come so many couples disappointed with their photographer of choice. Make sure to choose based on what a photographer can offer.

Attila Iuhasz is a professional wedding photographer with expertise in capturing your wedding day moments and creating unique bridal portraits.

He currently also runs a wedding photography blog.