Stress free wedding, keep calm during your wedding day? Is this even possible? The short answer, YES, it is; at least to some healthy degree, but it will mostly depend on you. After years of being a wedding photographer, I’ve just recently started to think about the deeper social and psychological effects that weddings have on people in general. Even more intense are the swirl of emotions a bride experiences.

No matter if a wedding is big or small, there is something they all have in common, they all produce a certain amount of stress, especially on the brides. We are not used to experiencing intense anxiety on a daily basis, therefore, we are not used to dealing with unexpected emotions like a bride might experience on her wedding day. The good news is that with a little bit of mental preparation it is very much possible to enjoy the day to the fullest.

Today I had an oddly free day, and I wanted to share some thoughts about being somehow relaxed before and during your wedding day. I’ve seen countless couples getting married over all these years, and trust me, no matter how extremely well planned a wedding can get, it will never be perfect, therefore, embrace the moment and enjoy the beautiful experience you are living among your loved ones!

After accepting the hectic nature of weddings, think about this, they are social gatherings that last for just a brief amount of time. Therefore, it is nonsense to be worrying too much about the guests or who knows what other odd changes in the timeline. You are the most important person during that day, allow yourself a little bit of selfishness if you wish. Being a little selfish during your wedding day will allow you to enjoy it; after all, this is your big day, not your guests’. Trust me, I’ve seen it with my outsider perspective, the majority of guests are aware of their role, and they are happy to be with you at your side during your long-awaited special day.

have fun and keep calm during your wedding day

In the recent years, there has been a tendency toward smaller and more intimate weddings, and I think the main reason for this, besides budget reason related, is that newlyweds have started to realize more and more about the true meaning of a wedding. It is to celebrate the union, the very beginning of a new kind of life, and it should be enjoyed to the fullest of course.

I really sound obvious right now, but I’ve seen so many weddings that you have to trust me on this. Brides are usually behind the control dashboard of everything, and that produces so much stress that is really a shame to watch. It is your day, enjoy it, let your wedding planner take care of all the details that otherwise will stress you out, after all, you are paying for that service, make it worthy.

I don’t blame you if you are a perfectionist, as a wedding photographer I became one myself, but there is a big difference between our roles. I’m on the constant pursuit of the most memorable and meaningful moments during a wedding, and you are at the center of the moment, and you should enjoy your wedding to the fullest!

Practice on reminding yourself that this awaited night won’t happen again, so take a leap of faith and trust that everything will be all right.

have fun with your bridesmaids and keep calm during your wedding day

I can’t end this brief late-night-hour weekend thought without talking about wedding photography, after all that’s my passion and the main reason why I feel obligated to share my experience. Great portfolios are easy to find these days, so seek a photographer that makes you feel comfortable. Trusting your photographer is the best way to improve your chances to have a calmer wedding day. Talk to your friends that had a chance to experience something similar. Having a passionate wedding photographer could be a game-changer for your wedding as the day goes by. Passionate photographers take what they do very seriously, and will make you feel comfortable along the way. After all, all those years of experiences have taught them right.

Last but not least, please don’t push yourself too much. Plans NEVER comply 100%, things will get off your hands, maybe one guest will complain about the food, maybe there will be delays and who knows what else. The point is to focus towards what really matters, they are just mishaps in the much bigger picture.

party and keep calm during your wedding day

I strongly believe that you can keep calm during your wedding day if you remind yourself constantly that you should, after all mindfulness is proven to lower stress and anxiety.

A stress free wedding it’s very much achievable.

Let me know what you worry about the most, I might be able to help.

It’s not for everyone but mindfulness is proven to keep us anchored in the present therefore less stressed and anxious. Here is a great program for meditation and mindfulness.