This shouldn’t be a secret, but for some reason nervousness and stress can cloud your mind into making you forget these essential points, but don’t worry, I’m here for you to get great wedding pictures. Stress kills the vibe of many pictures but having a great team of vendors will save the day. I want to give you a brief reminder on how to improve the chances that you’ll get great wedding photographs during your big day.

outdoor first dance for great wedding pictures

Hire a Wedding Planner

I’m sure that you already know this by now, but I can’t say it enough, hire a wedding planner! Beyond knowing the nuts and bolts of a wedding, a huge deal of stress will be reduced by simply having a Wedding Planner taking care of many details so you don’t have to think about them. No aunt, sister or friend will know all that goes into planning a wedding like a professional wedding planner. This is one of those great investments that will save you a lot of headaches and frustrations. Choosing a good wedding planner it’s definitely not easy but make sure you connect with her/him at a certain level and also look at their reputation. If you need some recommendations I’m happy to help. If you’d like a very hands-on wedding planner I recommend Ishita with Eventspell, you can’t go wrong with her.

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On Hiring your Wedding Photographer

By having a wedding planner taking care of many things, you can focus on finding the perfect wedding photographer that will come close to the the style you want. Browse wedding photography portfolios until you find the 2 or 3 that resonate the most with your style. Ask to see full wedding galleries that should contain great wedding pictures. Book a meeting, and trust your instinct, hire the one that makes you feel the most comfortable from that pack. There is nothing like working with someone that is able to make you feel comfortable and help you relax. I avoid trying to give too much advise on this subject, I find that many of my clients usually know what they want so if you are here probably you pretty much have an idea what you want.

Wedding Photographer Hired, Then What?

Basic rule here, avoid Pinterest and Instagram prior to the wedding, those platforms are true masters of messing up with your desires, so avoid them. Otherwise you’ll get mixed feelings about what you want during the last minutes of the wedding, and expectations could be jeopardized. Folk wisdom is truly wise, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, watching too many visual references (especially right before the big day) will produce unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

Stick, as much as possible, to what you planned with your photographer. Trust your photographer and give the crew the needed creative freedom in taking the photos. The best photographs are those captured in a candid way, and they are harder to get when you are too aware of where the photographers are during the wedding, enjoy your wedding, they’ll do the rest. It might sound corny but just try and be present, fully emerged in the celebration.

bride and groom party at venue

About Venues

Booking a venue is probably one of the most stressful thing to do while in the planning process. There are so many options at so many price levels that it is simply overwhelming. In big cities like Los Angeles are literarily hundreds of wedding venues and they all try to offer something interesting. Focus on your style, budget and limitations they might have. Here is a list of the best venues in Los Angeles area. Tell your photographer why you booked the venue it will help her/him to understand better your vision and get great wedding pictures. Some highly exclusive places will ask you to go with the photographer, so take that into account or they might even impose their list of preferred photographers, don’t fall for that.

If you want to have getting ready pictures as well as trash the dress sessions, make sure that you tell your photographer about it. Getting ready pictures usually take place at hotels, bed and breakfast or even at your own house. If the venue doesn’t look good for getting ready pictures just get an Airbnb for the day.

One last Thing

Please remember what this day really means, and enjoy it to the fullest. You are the most important person during this day, so don’t let stress and anxiety get the best out of you. Everything will be great if you allow it to be, trust the vendors you hired, all this for great wedding pictures.

Enjoy, and be thankful for finding your soulmate!





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