Engagement Session Ideas:

      • At the place, he proposed: After all, what better way to capture an engagement than the place it all started!
      • At your favorite restaurant: Meaningful memories happen with food, ambiance and your special song playing in the background.
      • Doing your favorite activity: You both enjoy playing checkers. What better way to capture your personality than in the heat of gameplay, the agony of defeat, or the comedy of contemplating your next move?
      • Where you first met each other: Whether your first meeting was a discussion at the library or fumbling for the door at the local coffee shop, going back to your beginnings is a marvelous memory.
      • Images with your pet: What better way to capture your new family than by including a beloved shared pet in your session?
      • Your favorite skyline: Your city is beautiful at any time of the year, and the skyline shares where you live now, a beautiful location that might change with time.
      • A downtown urban session: Fun and funky, pictures in alleyways or in otherwise undiscovered locations of your area make for a more intimate view of the city.
      • An amusement park: Nothing says fun like the Tilt-A-Whirl to go with your whirlwind romance.
      • A romantic beach: In the morning, evening or any time of day, the sea meets an endless¬†sky for a feeling of forever.
      • Vintage-styled, with old furniture and funky clothes: Bring out your nostalgic or avant-garde side with some dramatic, edgy modern shots coupled with retro stylings.
      • At your favorite, cute coffee shop: Quirky and cozy, local mom and pop shops are a great way to take a quick break to refuel and to catch some local, architectural shots with you in the process.
      • Seasonal: Catch the nuances of the seasons, including everything from a winter wonderland, to leaves of fall, to flowers in spring, to the lush, green summers in nearby beautiful fields and forests..
      let us know if you are interested