I always try to put myself in your shoes, if I would be the bride or the groom I would definitely be interested to know as much as possible in order to make an informed decision. These questions came up over the years in the meetings I had with couples looking to book me as their wedding photographer. 


What is your pricing?

I can absolutely understand wanting to find pricing information without having to ask. I really can! My packages are not listed for public viewing for many reasons. First, the consideration taken in creating a quote for a customer are so many that would be impossible for me to list all my collections and it would be misrepresenting if I would list one. That being said there are so many factors when it comes to build a custom quote, in my experience every wedding it’s so unique and every single couple have unique requirements as well. My goal is to provide you with what you need in terms of services and take out what you don’t need. I’d be happy to send you my Information PDF that way you can see my basic packages. Please reach out here and I will send you my base packages.

Do you work with a second or third photographer?

I definitely do! For matter of fact I always recommend to have a second photographer, two photographers are definitely better than one and one cannot be in two places at the same time. Many weddings I’m able to cover by myself but some definitely will benefit from having a second photographer on site. I work with photographers that shoot similar style to me and we already have experience working together.

How many pictures do you deliver?

Typically we deliver 50 to 70 edited pictures/ hour of coverage for one photographer and 60 to 80 edited pictures /hour of coverage with 2 photographers. That is typically between 600 and 800 pictures for an 8 hour wedding. I don’t remove anything that shouldn’t be removed and what I remove are usually duplicates, flash didn’t fire, person walked in the frame, people having their eyes closed, etc. I do not cull to meet a certain number of images, quality it’s much more important than quantity. I’m a big promoter of quality over quantity.
The edited pictures will match my portfolio look in terms of editing style and “feel”.

Do you retouch (Photoshop)pictures?

There is a difference between editing pictures to look like the ones you see in our Portfolio and Retouching face or body features. Retouching is usually used in Fashion where the image they sell is very commercial, it’s an idealization of the beauty. I don’t say that is something wrong with it, it’s not something we typically are required to do so. Photo retouching and manipulation it’s usually an expensive and time consuming process that can be done. Skin editing it is something I do and sometimes it is required to be done in a more extensive way. I always remove blemishes and fix skin imperfections that are more obvious. This is something that has to be discuses since I found to be a more sensitive subject.

Do you deliver RAW unedited files?

I don’t provide the RAW files to our customers, it would be like asking for the recipe from the restaurant that you just dined at. Please rest assured that the images delivered will represent our high standard for quality for which we are recognized by so many of my clients.

How do you deliver the pictures and what is the typical turnaround time?

I deliver your pictures through an online private gallery that you can share with your guests if you wish to do so. Typically I deliver the pictures in 4 to 6 weeks from the date of your wedding.

Do you offer Photo Albums and Prints?

Yes I do offer a variety of Albums and in-house fine-art Prints. Usually it’s one those things that you will never regret purchasing in your lifetime. The Prints are something of a very high quality and I’m always very excited to show you samples. The Albums come in various sizes and are so called “seamless”, they don’t have seams between pages, pictures look great even when they are positioned in the middle.
I design the albums after you select the pictures and I send you an online proof for approval. Once I get your OK you should expect to receive your album in 2 to 3 weeks.

How about Engagement Sessions?

I always say this: the most fun way of getting pictures taken in a relaxed environment. On top of that you will get to know me better, trust me and go with the flow 🙂

Can we provide you with a “shot list”?

When we meet I can show you actual wedding galleries for you to understand better what you will be receiving.
If you went to my portfolio, looked around and liked what you see then I say there is no reason for a so called “shot list”, actually I find it counterproductive and what usually does is taking me away from capturing the true story in a way you see it on my website. Also, Pinterest poses are not something that I will reproduce since I try to not copy others people work. If you like a certain pose I usually try to adapt it to your personality in a way that it looks You and not the posed Pinterest picture. “Shot lists” provided in Bridal magazines are a great idea, but please understand that I generally will capture those images, like family portraits, wedding party pictures, etc.

Do you have insurance and can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Yes and Yes!

How can we book you?

The process of booking me is straight forward. We will sign an agreement that protects both of us and you will have to pay a 50% deposit in order to reserve your date. The remaining balance it will be due by or on the date of the event. The retainer is not refundable and the retainer guarantees that I will hold the date exclusively for you and once paid I do turn down any other inquiries for that date.
In some cases I offer payment plans.

Clients Testimonials
Bride and groom funny vows in Green Gables Wedding Estate El Cajon.jpg
Kari & Adrian
My wife and I are so amazed!!! Happy!!!! & Wowed!!! Attila’s attention to detail and just creative photography is truly amazing! The best photographer!!! Thank you so much for all your insight, creativity and all your passion that you have shown us! We are more than satisfied! Thanks! 10 out of 10!!
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Clients Testimonials
Portrait of Bride and groom in Palm Springs.jpg
Tiffany & Robert
Attila captured moments, perspectives and emotions in very creative and artistic ways! As a bride, I was caught up in the many events of the wedding, the photos that he captured allow me to remember, enjoy and reflect on our very special day. We would hire him all over again. Thank you so much Attila, we are forever grateful.
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Clients Testimonials
first dance at wedding in La Quinta-2.jpg
Bria & Brenner
Attila went above and beyond our expectations! From the very beginning to the day of our wedding, he was kind, always available, and blew us away with his amazing photography skills! We highly recommend him for any event and would definitely use him again in the future!
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Clients Testimonials
First dance bride and groom in Glendale.jpg
Sabrina & Sadiq
Where do I even start! Attila Iuhasz is one of the sweetest, most humble, trustworthy, hard-working, thoughtful, and talented photographers that I have had the pleasure of working with. He photographed my engagement photoshoot, a traditional pre-wedding event, and my wedding and there is no one else who I would recommend more for anyone who is looking for a professional down-to-earth talented photographer. Attila constantly kept in touch with me and my husband, and ensured that both of our stylistic preferences were addressed. My husband likes black-and-white photos, but I do not, so Attila had the perfect mix of color and non-color photos. He was always on time, was so sweet with my guests, and he was the one vendor that I was sure I did not have to worry about one my wedding day. He even accommodated my family’s requests and did everything to make everyone happy. My brother had a scar on his forehead that he was self-conscious about and Attila went out of his way and edited it out of all of our photos. Everyone is picky about how they look, especially the bride, but after my wedding day Attila got me the pictures in a timely manner (even sooner than expected), and when I told him some things I wanted him to change, he quickly and so nicely made the changes. Trust me when I tell you, Attila is an amazing person to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him. He did not even tell me to post this review. I just feel so strongly about his character and professionalism that I believe that you all have the right to know the type of person that you are getting in business with when you are searching for the perfect fit for you.
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Clients Testimonials
gay wedding ceremony in Manhatan Beach.jpg
Joshua & Ozell
We were so ecstatic when we received our photos from our wedding. They're beautiful and creative with so much thought with each shot. Attila was amazing to work with. He was fun, easy going a very professional. I was worried about shooting our wedding party photos after the ceremony due the tight window of time before our reception. Attila managed to get every shot we wanted AND MORE with time to spare. We couldn't be more happy with Attila and our photos that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you Attila!!!!
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Clients Testimonials
Bride and Groom portrait at Glendale Americana.jpg
Rosa & James
The experience I had with Attila was amazing. Right from the very beginning, he was very willing to work with the vision I wanted and made sure that all of the shots that I wanted, happened. I was very excited to get the pictures from Attila after the wedding, especially once I saw him post 3 teaser pictures on his instagram. After seeing those photos I knew my wife and I were going to enjoy the photos. Also his turnaround time for getting us the photos to view was very short, it seemed like it was surely less that 2 or 3 weeks. His attention to detail and his knack for catching those candid shots are why we choose him. We definitely don’t regret our decision and recommend him to anyone. Attila was awesome!!!
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