Best getting ready pictures know-how.

Have you noticed something different in wedding photography in recent years? A more documentary oriented approach perhaps? Photography has evolved in the most recent years, and wedding photography has nothing to do anymore with what your parents paid for back in the day. After all these years as a wedding photographer, I can speak out about how “getting ready” pictures have become important for brides in the US.

Just in case you don’t know what “getting ready” is, here it is. It is a true photographic documentary coverage of the decisive hours before the wedding. The beautiful thing about getting ready photos is that they are capable of telling a story way better thanks to its candid approach.

Getting ready has become so popular that I started documenting both the bride and groom’s getting ready, hence the importance of hiring a photographer that works with a second photographer. Mind these brief tips and you’ll make it easier for your wedding photographer to capture the best out of your prior moments to the altar.


Available Light before Anything Else

Natural light enhances wedding stories like nothing else. Natural light is the best light for any occasion, and weddings are no exception to the rule. Getting ready starts pretty early during the day, and that is the perfect moment for getting the most out of the available natural light. Choose the location very wisely.

best getting ready pictures and location

Best getting ready pictures start with a great location

Considering the aforementioned tip, try to find a nice place for getting ready before the wedding begins. Nowadays there are plenty of nice BnB or Airbnb places that could make it easier for any wedding photographer to document your preparation before the wedding.

Many brides prefer to have their whole squad of friends at their side while getting ready, so think about this while scouting the perfect place for getting ready. Some brides are rather to stick to a known place (like a relative’s house) for this, and there is nothing wrong about it, just make sure that the photographer has checked the place before the big day.


Keep it Tidy

This applies more to houses since they could be filled with stuff that could distract the attention or make it more difficult for the photographer to isolate what really matters. Make sure that everything is clean and tidy, look for venues/locations with large windows that will make it easier for natural light to bathe you with all its golden glory.

Make sure that people are aware that the photographer will be documenting the getting ready part so they don’t interfere in the most important moments. Working aside hair-stylists and makeup artists is always a pleasure, this delivers the best getting ready candid shots, but make sure that you pick a wide enough place for all the people to fit in.

bride and groom getting ready

Ask for Help

Wedding planners are the best for suggesting locations, but you can still ask your friends and family for opinions about places, don’t forget about your loved ones! Including people in the whole preparation process could be a lifesaving choice sometimes.

Don’t hesitate on asking your wedding photographer too if you you are not absolutely sure about the best places for getting ready shots. We have plenty of experience and we know which places work best for the expected shots.

getting ready with bridesmaids

Think of a Concept

If you have a specific concept in mind, then you should definitely plan this with your wedding photographer, otherwise, the concept might not flourish as you envision it. If you are not sure about what you really want for your wedding, but you know that you are on the pursuit of something unique, then tell your wedding photographer about it! Having visual references in hand is a nice way for making this creative task an easier thing for any photographer!

Traditional wedding photography is still a thing and getting ready pictures are not a necessity of course. But the great benefit you will get is the candid set of photos that will tell a real story about your big day. Just take a look at wedding pictures around you, and you’ll see the difference between only looking at photos of the main event and actually seeing the whole story behind the big day.


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