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I am a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in wedding photography, engagement, boudoir and portrait photography. I love nature and traveling so I will meet you anywhere in the world to photograph your destination wedding.

I am a sucker for a good love story, I love people in love and happy and mostly I’m grateful for being able to bring their story to life.


My style is photojournalistic with an emphasis on surprising candid moments with an artistic touch. I’ve always been fascinated by photography and its ability to capture life’s richest moments; and where else do those moments manifest more abundantly other than at a wedding?I’ve always been the unofficial designated photographer at parties and events and I finally committed to professional photography in 2012 when I had the opportunity to second a world class wedding photographer and realized how much I enjoy being part of such a unique event in the life of a couple and help create ageless memories that would last a lifetime.


Thinking back at my own wedding I understand how important it is to have a photographer that captures the day in a meaningful way, someone I can trust to have eyes for everyone and everything else when I only had eyes for my bride! That is why it’s so important to me to take the time to know my clients, spend time with them beforehand to understand what is important to them and get as much information as possible about how they envision their special day so i can make sure I deliver the best wedding pictures they could ask for – beautiful memories of a beautiful day. Every wedding is unique and I pride myself for being able to make people comfortable in front of the camera so that real inner beauty can come out naturally and organically. I am empathic and calm under pressure, I understand the emotional charge of the day and I have the professionalism and experience to be the steady ground in a whirlwind of emotions. I am a citizen of the world and I love the variety of different cultures and traditions; I know that love is a universal language and at the same time that every event is unique so it’s important to me to be flexible and adaptable, to combine the artistic vision with the practical requirements of each situation.


I recently came to accept that I am sort of a geek. I’m passionate about technology, gadgets, my cameras and equipment and I’m always learning about new ways to improve and streamline my photography process. I love learning from the best wedding photographers – and as such i’m always looking for ways to continue my education. I’ve attended WPPI(Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), Mystic Seminars Workshops, Nikon Workshops, part of several wedding photography magazines and blogs. It keeps me engaged and that is one area I’ve always been stubborn about – improving, feeding my inspiration and creativity, always searching for ways to become better. I’m open minded and always listen carefully to all feed back and reviews as I’m genuinely interested in learning and growing as a professional photographer. I see myself as a channel for creativity in the world and delivering wedding pictures that make you smile and happy for years to come is what gives meaning and purpose to my career.


– In 2008 I started my own beautiful and exciting love story when I met my wife while on a pilgrimage of 450 miles in Spain called The Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago

– I don’t understand Vanilla Ice Cream. If I had to choose between Vanilla Ice cream and No Ice cream Ever Again – I would choose No Ice Cream Ever Again (and I LOVE ice cream!)

– I have a degree in Management and Marketing. For some reason my wife still laughs hysterically when I try to talk to her about penetrating the market

– I give great speeches. Usually after a couple of glasses of wine (always red)

– I love a good Sci-Fi movie or TV show

– I’m planning on hiking the John Muir Trail next year

– I’m a foodie! I can cook, but I prefer the eating part

– I hardly ever get bored. I always find a new project to excite and inspire me

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